Site Acquisition

Site Selection

Send us your search ring and we’ll find you a candidate. It’s that simple. We’ve been finding sites all over the western United States for the last 10 years. Whether it’s New Site Build or a Small Cell polygon, we’ll work closely with the radio frequency engineers for the perfect location.

Landlord Negotiation

VSW has over 20 years of combined leasing experience in telecommunications. We’ve worked with leases from all 4 major carriers and the large tower companies. As former attorneys, we’re comfortable with the most difficult terms and understand the vital elements for our clients in any negotiation.

Zoning Expertise

From rooftop sites in San Francisco to monopoles in rural Utah, VSW understands the complexities of the wireless codes and local municipal requirements in all Western states, counties, and cities. We’re comfortable in tense public hearings, community meetings, and appeals. However, we utilize recent federal legislation like section 6409 and shot clock requirements to streamline jurisdictional requirements also.

Building Permits

We can redline construction drawings, interpret building codes, and expedite permitting to get construction started on schedule.

Our Team

Our full time team consists of Jacob Hamilton (CEO & Founder), Nicole Comach (Site Acquisition Specialist - PNW & SW), Linda Lee (Site Acquisition Specialist - NorCal), Jared Miller (Site Acquisition Specialist - SoCal), and Thomas Vo (Accounting and Finance)

Since our work area comprises all of the Western United States, we have built-in strategic partnerships and part-time employees all over the Western States.

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